Jul 28, 2014
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Oxford Preps for Friday Snow

DPW will have 10 trucks out plowing, salting.

Oxford Preps for Friday Snow

As a wintry mix makes its way toward Oxford—and potentially dumps one to two inches of snow on the region—town workers say they're ready to clear the roads and combat the squall.

"We're getting the garage totally cleaned out ready for the snow," said Wayne Watt, foreman with the town's Department of Public Works, Thursday.

Watt said the town will have a fleet of 10 trucks out, but can do little to prep beyond that.

"Every storm is different," Watt said. "We just have to wait and see what happens, and make the calls as it's happening."

"Sometimes it snows fast, sometimes it snows hard," he added.

Snow is expected to begin after 4 p.m., as temperatures settle around 19-degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Blustery conditions will bring wind chill factors to about -9, however.

Beyond the initial plow, Watt said drivers wait for the snow to build up to a certain point, and then hit the roads again.

Watt said the roads have already been sanded and salted, but will be again, after the storm. And if the near-zero temperatures mean the snow sticks around, Watt and his team will turn to ClearLane, a chemical that blasts away ice. 

As for staying warm while workers, Watt says town employees with be bundled up.

"Everyone has to wear gloves, hats, insulated boots—proper clothing," he said.

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