15 Sep 2014
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'Give That Tired Old Reefer Madness Spiel a Rest...'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

'Give That Tired Old Reefer Madness Spiel a Rest...'

DARIEN: "Southern Fairfield CT is on the front line of the U.S. economy. We already carry the rest of the state and being outnumbered, we are out voted by those people of the CT electorate who feel that they are entitled to reap the benefits of our work. So here we are in our own town and we can't even practice what we preach. Go ahead spend, pretend all is well, while the economy blows smoke. We have discarded the lessons of our fathers' and are going head first into an economy downfall the likes of which this country has never seen and Darien is on the front line of the pending calamity. Yes, a naysayer, doom and gloom but I simply cannot see how we are possible going to get away with it, especially if the current administration is reelected. If I'm so wrong then why not spend even more, hey, everything will be fine. An interesting spring it will be." wrote this in response to , which she says maintains roughly the same level of town services and takes advantage of low interest rates.

FAIRFIELD: "The real cuts needed in this town is the bloated Education budget which balloons year after year with at least 10% in unnecessary programs and services that could save the town millions instead of a paltry thousand here and there. The Board has been made a sacred cow in this town and it needs to be sent to the processing plant." wrote this in response to news that the .

NEW CANAAN: "I think all of you people have waaaayyyyy too much time on your hands. A controversy about nursery school? Really? This isn't a poll that's going to tell you anything or convey any useful information. If Patch had turned the question around - which nursery school has been detrimental to your child's development, and why - now that would have been an interesting poll. Have anyone's kids suffered because of the nursery school they attended? Feel hopelessly inadequate because they never really mastered scissors? Didn't get into Harvard because their nursery school did a lousy job with the lesson on construction paper? Those comments would have been a whole lot more fun to read..." wrote this in response to , which asked readers to vote which preschool in New Canaan they thought were the best.

SHELTON: "Oh please, Ms. Boucher, give that tired old reefer madness spiel a rest. ZERO = number of recorded deaths through marijuana overdose in the history of mankind. 40,000+ = number of prisoners in State and Federal jails for marijuana offenses. That's the real crime. Bet Ms. Boucher enjoys a nice cocktail, doesn't she?" wrote this in response to

WILTON: "This situation as well as the PTA situation seem to have revealed serious tension in Wilton, and in my opinion, the root of this tension is our struggle over how to live in an affluent town, but one where some families have much more money than others and not everyone shares common values. It sounds like the anger and frustration that has erupted is due to a clash between the 'haves' and the 'have nots,' the spoiled vs. the unspoiled, the responsible vs. the irresponsible. But the overwhelming theme of the comments is money & entitlement and the fear that Wilton is becoming another Greenwich. In my opinion, what we as a community are going to have to figure out is how we can all feel like we "fit in" in a town where there has quickly become a striking increase in income and how to raise our children in a town where there is disparity and competition, where residents post their resort vacation photos on Facebook, and where the size of one's house, for some, determines their status." wrote this in response to an opinion piece by Heather Borden Herve about an .

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