Jul 30, 2014
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Newtown Funeral: 'How Can I Celebrate Christmas?'

Family, friends and residents attend a funeral for Jessica Rekos, one of the young shooting victims.

Newtown Funeral: 'How Can I Celebrate Christmas?' Newtown Funeral: 'How Can I Celebrate Christmas?'


Shuffling down the Church Hill Road Tuesday morning, Rose Pavia joined hundreds of mourners making their way to the funeral of six-year-old Jessica Rekos, one of 20 children killed in Friday's Sandy Hook shooting.

Pavia, like countless others, struggled to find the proper adjectives to describe the loss—and instead asked a question.

"How can I celebrate Christmas?" Pavia said through tears. "There are no words."

A Sandy Hook resident, Pavia has three grandchildren, all young boys, in the local school district. She says today, as schools open their doors for the first time since last week's massacre, she is apprehensive.

After sounding off, Pavia turned and continued to through the dreary weather to St. Rose of Lima Church, joining the friends, family and neighbors of Jessica Rekos to pay their respects.

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