Jul 26, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Pappa Says Guerrera 'Doesn't Walk on Water'

Member of the Republican State Central Committee says state Rep. Guerrera voted for "the largest tax increase in state history."


The following letter to the editor was submitted by Mark Pappa of Rocky Hill, who is a member of the CT Republican State Central Committee for the 9th Senatorial District:

It's an election year and legislative newsletters that cost Connecticut tax payers millions are hitting mail boxes all over the state. Recently I opened a newsletter from State Representative Antonio "Tony" Guerrera titled "Capitol Report 2012." After scanning through his well sanitized list of accomplishments such as; more money for education, improvements to emergency response, a long list of items for deserving veterans, and job creation, I said to myself, "Tony" really walks on water, what an amazing guy."

Anyone who reads a newspaper would know that Rep. Guerrera might be a nice guy but he doesn't walk on water. In fact, he has voted for the largest tax increase in state history, the Hartford to New Britain Bus way, and Malloy's misguided but favorite economic slush fund called "The First Five Program." In reality, Connecticut's economy is stuck in cement, an area Rep. Guerrera knows all too well as the owner of construction firm. Connecticut is near last in job creation and hasn't created a single job in the last five years. According to the latest government figures, job growth in Connecticut is negative one half of one percent year over year. Nowhere in Rep. Guerrera's taxpayer funded newsletter does he mention the July 2, 2012 State Budget Deficit figures of $192.3 MILLION DEFICIT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2012.

Rep. Guerrera highlights the accomplishments of "The First Five Program" who's original intent was to attract business from out of state but was used mostly to bribe billion dollar companies like CIGNA with employees  domiciled in Connecticut from leaving. Guerrera goes on to highlight a more local slush fund called the Small Business Express Package which will make $50 million/year in loans and grants available to small business. Grant means recipients don't have to pay the money back. Guerrera also attempts to detail the $291 million investment by the State of Connecticut for Jackson Labs and then tells us Jackson Labs will raise the balance of $860 million project. Both programs are another example of "Crony Capitalism" where the politically connected get the goods and the politicians dole out taxpayer money for votes. The additional job creation figures for Jackson of 660, 2,000 and 4,600 are just projected figures. In the interim, UTC just moved 325 jobs with an average pay of $200,000 to North Carolina.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/07/10/3372370/chamber-united-technologies-moved.html#storylink=cpy
If that's not enough, Rep.Guerrera completely runs through a red light camera by failing to mention his unwavering support of the controversial $564 million New Britain to Hartford Bus way. This project is so unpopular it had to enter a political witness projection program and changed it's name to CTfastrack. Guerrera is one CTfastrack's single largest proponents and his support can be found here at 2:45: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoKK0zMZvEA ; To be fair the CTfastrak build out will create much needed construction jobs in the short term, but then what? Taxpayers will bear the burden of the on going expenses forever.

In closing, based on the above I am challenging Rep. Guerrera to provide all his CT Transit bus receipts to demonstrate as Chairman of the Transportation has actually taken the CT Transit bus from Rocky Hill to Hartford. If Rep. Guerrera hasn't, I am asking him to sign a campaign pledge that if elected, he will ride the bus to Hartford to conduct legislative business and attach a schedule when he will be riding. Why not, commuting costs are reimbursed by Connecticut taxpayers and it will put him back in touch with the real needs of transportation and his constituents.

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