Jul 28, 2014
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Hunting Ridge House Sells for $700,000

Recent Simsbury home sales include 18 Banbury Drive, 7 Maple Court, 7 Higate Lane, 11 Pheasant Lane, 25 Stratton Forest Way, 10 Parsons Drive, 26 Southbridge Court, 441 Bushy Hill Road, 21 Northfield Road, and 32 Hunting Ridge Drive.

Hunting Ridge House Sells for $700,000

The following real estate transactions were recorded with the Simsbury Town Clerk:

$250,000, 25 Stratton Forest Way. John E. Lappen to Renee E. Tribert. Recorded on August 22.

$212,000, 10 Parsons Drive. Estate of Amelia L. Savard to Michael Roy and Carolina Escalante. Recorded on August 27.

$270,000, 26 Southbridge Court. Ira Rosen to Donna Stumper. Recorded on August 24.

$367,500, 441 Bushy Hill Road. Anthony W. Sumner to Christopher M. Rucci. Recorded on August 27.

$380,000, 21 Northfield Road. Ryan R. and Susan M. Burr to Benjamin and Carissa Hefferon. Recorded on August 27.

$235,000, 7 Colonial Drive. Fred G. Moote to Jesse Clancy-Bohrer. Recorded on August 27.

$369,900, 18 Banbury Drive. Tom Leite to Kory W. and Laurie C. Beaver. Recorded on August 28.

$223,000, 7 Maple Court. Jorge Guillen and Ursula Pfeiffer to Michael T. and Katherine S. Hodkin. Recorded on August 28.

$360,000, 7 Higate Lane. Robert E. and Joan E. Allen to Brent and Jessica L. Tyldsley. Recorded on August 28.

$293,000, 11 Pheasant Lane. William A. and Barbara A. Beadin to Michelle Bergman. Recorded on August 28.

$700,000, 32 Hunting Ridge Drive. Vincent M. and Kelly J. Wenos to John R. and Jennifer K. Finley. Recorded on August 28.

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