Jul 26, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Hampton for State Representative

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Letter to the Editor: Hampton for State Representative

To the Editor:

Both candidates, John Hampton and Charity Folk, aspiring to replace Linda Schofield as Simsbury’s State Representative are good and competent people.  I admire them and am grateful that they are willing to serve in public office.  In my view however, John Hampton is without a doubt the better candidate.

As a lifelong resident, Hampton knows Simsbury intimately.  Ms. Folk, a comparative newcomer, is less familiar with the town.  As a longtime member of the Board of Selectmen, Hampton has distinguished himself as a public servant.  Ms. Folk has never served the public interest.  As a centrist thinker with a broad range of interests, John Hampton is sensitive to the needs of all the people, and especially seniors.  Charity Folk appears to be more narrowly focused on the needs of local  business owners, many of whom do not live in Simsbury.  As a former staff member in state government, Hampton understands how to get things done in the legislature.  Charity Folk, by her own admission in a recent debate, has no idea how state government functions and would be faced with a long, hard learning curve.

Sometimes it is hard to choose between candidates for public office.  This time, the choice is not difficult.  John Hampton is extremely well prepared to serve Simsbury as State Representative.  Charity is not.

Thomas E. Frank
West Simsbury, Conn.

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