Jul 28, 2014
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Police Investigate Home Burglaries in Simsbury, Granby, Canton

Recent burglaries have law enforcement officials seeking a possible connection.

Police Investigate Home Burglaries in Simsbury, Granby, Canton

Police in Simsbury and surrounding towns are investigating a recent jump in residential home burglaries and are cautioning residents to "safeguard" their properties.

Two recent home burglaries in Simsbury and two in Granby last week have police on the lookout for suspicious activity and warning residents to take precaution. Police said the break-ins occurred in separate parts of each town starting on Jan. 25.

Police have not confirmed whether the incidents in separate towns are related.

"This is still an active investigation," Granby Police Captain William Tyler said. "The regional investigation team met recently to discuss [it]."

The Simsbury Police Department did not respond to questions about the similarities in the Granby investigation. Simsbury Police also would not comment on any possible leads about a suspect.

The Granby Police Department reported a possible suspect vehicle, and Tyler underscored "possible."

"A neighbor reported seeing a strange vehicle near one of the homes," Tyler said.

The two burglaries in Granby occurred on East Street on Jan. 29 and North Granby Road on Jan. 25. Simsbury Police would not specify the locations of the two recent burglaries there.

The vehicle described to Granby police was a 2-door Honda, possibly a 2000, that was dark in color and had "sporty" rims on the wheels. When a second person reported seeing a similar car near the second home, it raised suspicion.

"It was a passing motor vehicle [driver] who believes he might have seen a vehicle like that at one of the locations," Tyler said.

"We believe the two in Granby are related based on similarities," Tyler said.

Canton police are also investigating a recent burglary but the suspect vehicle is described as a 2-door grey Acura, possibly with Massachusetts license plates. Canton police learned of the Erickson Drive incident on Jan. 25. 

Both houses in Granby were burglarized early in the day, most likely before noon, Tyler said. The thief or thieves used a crowbar or other device to pry open the front door of the homes where they took mainly jewelry and cash. Tyler also said the criminal(s) had been smoking in the homes.

"When the residents came home that was the first thing they noticed," Tyler said.

Simsbury Police did post a brief statement on the town of Simsbury website warning residents about the incidents, but would not elaborate on possible suspects or similarities in the two cases for residents to be aware.

"The Simsbury Police Department is investigating the burglaries and working in cooperation with surrounding communities," a recent statement said.

Tyler said residents should be on the lookout for suspicious activity and for residents to keep an eye on their neighbors property as well.

"Neighbors are really the best thing in this situation," Tyler said. "Have your eyes and ears open and watch out for your neighbors."

If you witness any suspicious activity or suspect a possible burglary, do not enter the home and call 911, Tyler said.

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