Jul 28, 2014
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'How Much the Human Spirit Can Endure'

The local Wilcox family lost three family members in a span of a few months. The community is rallying around the family via a fundraising page created by friends.

'How Much the Human Spirit Can Endure'
Debbie Wilcox, mother, passed away on Nov, 24, 2013. Thomas N. Wilcox, father, passed away on Dec. 10, 2013. Carrie Wilcox, sister, died in January of this year.

Despite losing a mother, a father and a sister in a short span of time, Kelly (Wilcox) Mento of Naugatuck and Shannon L. Wilcox of Middlebury continued to support their friends and family after the shared loss.

Their friend Jenny Ann wants to show the Wilcox sisters that their kindness hasn't gone unnoticed. She created a fundraising page to help the family during this difficult time. As of Jan. 20, the community has donated $6,270 out of a $10,000 goal.

In Jenny Ann's words, from the  GoFundMe fundraising page:

"Have you ever wondered how much one person can take and still remain standing? Well, the Wilcox girls are a shining example of just how much the human spirit can endure. Faced with the immeasurable loss of their mother, Debbie Wilcox, to a prolonged battle with cancer, followed by the sudden death of their father, Thomas Wilcox, only a few weeks later, and now the loss of their beloved sister Carrie Wilcox, Kelly and Shannon have suffered more pain and tragedy in the past few months than any person should have to deal with in a lifetime. Couple that with funeral and medical expenses in addition to loss of wages from missed work, and you can understand why this is a family in crisis. 

Yet even in the face of so much loss, these ladies have been there to support their friends and community members. It's time we show them both that all their past kindness and generosity has not gone unnoticed. Let's show them what community is really about and rally around them."

A Message from Kelly

Jenny Ann shared the following message from Kelly via the GoFundMe page: 

"To everyone who has made a donation, said a prayer or kept us in your thoughts, I cannot thank you enough. The incredible outpouring of support is unbelievable. This is all still setting in and we are trying to process what has happened. It's extremely hard and very sad. But all of your support is appreciated. Thank you."

How to Help

If you'd like to donate to the Wilcox family, visit the GoFundMe page.

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