Jul 25, 2014

Win or Lose, Cyber Knights Making the Best of Their Experience

Expectations were high entering the FIRST Robotics championship in St. Louis, but the primary goal for members of the team remains having fun and gaining valuable experience.

Southington High School Senior Eric Corriveau knew the competition was going to be tough at the FIRST Robotics championships in St. Louis - after all, they were going up against the best teams representing 29 countries worldwide.

For members of the Cyber Knights, team 195, just being able to face the best of the best has been an encouraging feeling and win or lose, the team has already benefited from the tournament.

"It's something where you constantly learn and it's an event where you know you will take something away no matter what happens," Corriveau said earlier this month.

The Cyber Knights placed 12th in the Galileo division, with a final record of 8-2, and were also recipients of the Cooperation Award for their efforts in working alongside other teams and their sportsmanship during the competition. 

Be sure to check out the video of this year's competition.

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