23 Aug 2014
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Chicken Looking to Carpool in North Stamford

A chicken hangs out in a driveway, an injured goose toughs it out on its own and an abandoned cat is looking for love.

Chicken Looking to Carpool in North Stamford

A chicken has been looking to carpool to work in the morning in the North Stamford area, much to the chagrin of the man who lives there.

He called the Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter to report the chicken had been showing up in his driveway the past three consecutive days.

Officer Tilford Cobb said the chicken was still on the lam.


An injured goose with what appears to be a broken wing has been making a temporary home out of the pond at High Ridge Park. 

Shelter officers were concerned for the well-being of the goose, as dropping temperatures presented the very real concern of the surface of the pond freezing with the goose on it.

Cobb said the goose had so far eluded their attempts to bring the goose into their care.


An abandoned cat was recovered by the shelter after its owners moved out and simply left the cat in Stamford. 

Former residents on Berkley St. who recently moved out of the area left behind a cat neighbors recognized and began caring for until shelter officials could respond to pick up the pet. 

The cat is a short-haired domestic male with white, black and brown Tabby spots.

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