22 Aug 2014
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CT Ranked One of the Least Generous States, Stamford Fares Better

Residents of Connecticut donate much less than more religious states, according to a study. Still, Connecticut ranked in the middle for total size of all donations.

CT Ranked One of the Least Generous States, Stamford Fares Better


The good news is that Connecticut is the most generous state in New England when it comes to donating to charity. The bad news is that the state ranks 45th in the nation when it comes to percentage of a salary donated.

A study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy analyzed income levels and Internal Revenue Service records to determine what percentage of salaries each state gives to charity.

Utah topped the list with 10.6 percent of each salary donated, followed by the District of Columbia at 7.7 percent and Mississippi at 7.2 percent.

In terms of total donations, Connecticut ranked 22 with $2.3 billion given.

According to the authors of the study, Connecticut ranks first among New England states in giving as a percentage of discretionary income, but the state’s 3.3-percent rate is well below the national average.”

New Hampshire donated the least with 2.5 percent. Maine and Vermont fared slightly higher at 2.8 percent.

Peter Panepento, assistant managing editor at the Chronicle of Philanthropy, told NPR that religious donations are the most prevalent.

"States like Utah and Alabama and Mississippi all end up very high on our list," he said. "And states where [there's] more of a secular mindset, particularly in New England and all along the coast, tended to show up lower on the list."

Connecticut residents can at least take solace in their health. The state was recently ranked one of the least obese in the country. 

Stamford, in particular, was found to be 124th out of 11,522 towns ranked, having made $104.8 million in contributions total. When breaking down the numbers by percentage of income contributed, however, Stamford drops to 6,916 of 11,522, contributing only 3.7-percent of it's income.

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