Jul 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Chris Murphy is In-Touch with the People

By Dylan Sodaro

Letter to the Editor: Chris Murphy is In-Touch with the People


To the editor:

People view Congress as out-of-touch, partisan and self-interested. While this belief is not unfounded, I think there are still members of Congress who seek to solve the complex problems that our nation faces. Congressman Chris Murphy, Democratic candidate for the U.S. senate, is one of those people.

I am proud of what Chris has done to combat the cronyism, ethical lapses and money-guided decisions in Washington. Vast amounts of anonymous and corporate contributions do not belong in politics and Chris is fighting against these influences in Congress.

Chris advocated for and helped construct a system of public financing when he was in the Connecticut State Legislature, and is dedicated to achieving a similar system at the national level. Voters often look to the headlines and see government embroiled in ethical murkiness or slapping the wrists of colleagues, but Chris rises above that to try and get Washington working again for Americans.

Chris' post on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has positioned him in a meaningful role monitoring and evaluating the federal government’s efficiency and integrity. Chris has said that he ran for office to restore public trust in government, and that is what he works hard every day to do.

Now is the time to send Chris to the Senate, to ensure that our government remains focused, ethical and motivated for the betterment of the country.

- Dylan Sodaro, email

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