15 Sep 2014
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'Make a Video and Put it on YouTube'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

'Make a Video and Put it on YouTube'


"First, they are trees, not human beings. I always chuckle about how up in arms some people get over the removal, replacement or whatever of a few trees anywhere... whether it is on Main Street or not. If they present a hazard, time to chip em. Second, I think the cost of replacement at rouhgly $8k is substantial, but the good news is that Jeb Walker received almost that much in illicit pension payments. So, maybe the town should ask him to donate the money to the tree budget. Hah! Fat chance." -  

"They should all be sent upstate for sipping that devil juice." -


"I do hope people read this, this is amazing! How sloppy, this would not be tolerated if it were a private business being renovated, why is our government putting up with this and to what expense to the taxpayer?" -

"Here's the deal. They dont have to eat the fruit nor vegetable but they must take it. This whole program is a waste of food if the kids just throw it in the garbage." -

"Put a big sign on the property - Bank of America owns this house and is responsible for this MESS - make a video and put it on YouTube" -

"Good luck proving that FedEx is the responsible party though...Glad doggie is on the mend." -

"Besides the fact that the driver reported to his supervisor that he Ran. Over. The. Dog." -

"The mosquitoes in Rye speak French and drive a Pickup so we are safe from West Nile Virus." -   

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