23 Aug 2014
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New Puppies to Ring in the New Year!

Animal reports from the Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter.

New puppies just in time for the new year!

Coco, a lovely young lady picked up by the Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter in late October, gave birth to five healthy young pups on Friday, Dec. 21.

Laurie Hollywood, director of the Stamford shelter, said she noticed Coco was gaining weight instead of losing it while at the shelter and discovered the pregnancy on a trip to the hospital to get Coco spayed.

Coco, a boxer mix, had four boys and a girl. The girl is the only one to take have the solid brown coloring of her mom. Two of the boys have a bit of rottweiler coloring in them, with solid black bodies and brown muzzles. The other two boys are solid black in color.

Hollywood said Coco is currently being fostered at one of the shelter worker's homes while she nurses and continues to remain hyper-vigilant of the puppies and people that come near them.

Hollywood said the shelter is asking for help with donations of funds for puppy pads and high quality puppy food, or donations of the items themselves.


The turkey on Hope Street is still running wild, Officer Tilford Cobb said.

"People are now telling us the turkey has been living in the area for years, and has usually kept to itself in the rear of the area as opposed to being out on the street," Cobb said.

The turkey has made it a regular routine to come out to one of the large shop windows of businesses along the street and check itself out in the reflection. His actions lead the officers to believe the turkey is lonely.

"If he's there every time this year, we'll probably leave him there and just keep an eye that he stays out of danger. It sounds like he's just lonely," Cobb said.


A dead snake was discovered in an apartment of a building in the 800 block of Washington Blvd.

The homeowners discovered the snake and called the animal shelter, who identified the animal as a baby Ball Python.

Officers said there were no outward signs of abuse on the animal and a cursory inspection failed to tell them how the animal died. They said it looked healthy and well-fed, and likely and escaped from wherever it was being held and simply died from exposure.

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