20 Aug 2014
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'Preoccupied With Bread and Circuses'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders throughout the region.

'Preoccupied With Bread and Circuses'


Fairfield Lake Tragedy Spurs Water Safety Effort

“This tragedy could have been avoided, plain and simple. Follow the posted rules.” -

“It's really important to hire local bands. Local musicians need the support in the community too. Both music and art, preserve culture in our community.” - PGR

Campaign Notebook: Murphy Responds to Bysiewicz Ad

“We need new fresh faces with new ideas. The same old stuff has not worked. Time for BIG changes.” -

Thank My Lucky Stars 

“And, yes, I'm old-school -- I use my mower and a rake. I'm thankful I can burn calories, not so much fossil fuel, to pick up leaves.” -

MoveOn.org Political Action Endorses Chris Murphy for Senate

“It's the old ‘Divide and Conquer’ routine, Francis. As old as the day is long…Keep the people preoccupied with bread and circuses, under the illusion that their vote "matters." –

Police Confirm Probe Into Stratford Animal Control

“It's high time they were investigated. I can think of a few other Stratford officials that need to be investigated as well.” -

Johnnie's 6-Foot Ice Cream Cone Stolen

“It will turn up at another Ice Cream shop....somewhere across the country.” –

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