Jul 28, 2014
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Rowdy Rooster Vexes Stamford Animal Control

A troublesome rooster is getting everyone who lives on Ursula Pl. up at dawn—and none of them appreciate it.

Rowdy Rooster Vexes Stamford Animal Control


A white rooster running loose on Ursula Pl. has been the cause of quite a commotion recently, between waking residents at early hours and leading Stamford Animal Control on a wild goose chase. 

"He's waking up everyone in the morning," said Director of the Stamford Animal Care & Control Office Laurie Hollywood. "The sun's coming up and it starts cock-a-doodle-dooing."

Hollywood said the rooster has proven to be quite troublesome to apprehend.

"We almost had him," she said. "We're going to have to go back. We've been out there at least three times now. Every time, he'll fly on top of a building or flutter over a fence that separates the homes from the New York Sports Complex."

When she and Officer Tilford Cobb talk about the rooster, they both pause, smile and reflect

Hollywood said the distance they've had to travel every time the rooster hops over the fence has given it adequate time to escape during previous attempts. She says their efforts have been aided by a local resident, who has been feeding the rooster to try and keep it in the area and allow officers to catch it.

Hollywood had no doubt the rooster would eventually be caught and said it's eventual apprehension would just further the issues already facing the shelter.

""When we do catch him—and we will catch him—he'll need to have an adopted home," Hollywood said.


Officers responding to reports of two yellow labs roaming picked one up, but couldn't find the other.

After driving around for a bit more, they found another lab lying in the driveway of a home. This particular lab had tags on it, but the address on the tags did not match the address at which the dog was found. 

After speaking with the person at the residence, it was discovered that they were just sitting the dogs for their boss.

The dog sitter was ticketed and told to be more careful with their boss' dogs.


For the third weekend in a row, Animal Control Officers were handing out tickets in Mianus River Park for their on-going dog-control push, after giving out several tickets the weekend prior.

After what officers called repeated, continual complaints, they began an initiative to go and give out tickets to any and all offenders every weekend throughout the summer. Dogs must be on leashes and their waste must be picked up, Hollywood reminded dog walkers who would utilize the park.

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