15 Sep 2014
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Santa's Evil Twin Hatches Plan to Ruin Christmas

Said he'll make an appearance at this year's Activities for Kids Christmas Show 2012 to try and ruin everything!

Santa's Evil Twin Hatches Plan to Ruin Christmas Santa's Evil Twin Hatches Plan to Ruin Christmas Santa's Evil Twin Hatches Plan to Ruin Christmas Santa's Evil Twin Hatches Plan to Ruin Christmas

This Saturday afternoon, Jerry Pia's Activities for Kids, Inc. Christmas Show 2012 is all set to take place at the Stamford High School, and everyone is hoping for a show that goes off without a hitch.

...Well, everyone except Tolka Claus, that is.

Pia, a Board of Education member and Executive Director of Activities for Kids at the Glenbrook Community Center for 32 years has a brother named Charles Pia, who happens to know Tolka pretty well and helped put Stamford Patch in touch with him prior to this year's show.

Every year, Tolka Claus tries to come up with ways to steal the spotlight and ruin the show.Patch had a chance to ask Tolka a couple questions about why he's such a bad dude.

Why're you always up to no good?

"Santa's always getting the attention," Tolka cried. "Ever since we we kids, Santa's always been on Mom & Dad's 'Nice' list and they always find out about the stuff I do and put me on the 'Naughty' list! It's not fair!"

What kind of stuff did you get caught doing?

"When everyone's having fun with Rudolph or Frosty, I'll steal them when no one's looking and try to dress up like them so I can get all the attention instead," he yelled. "I'm the one who deserves it!"

Tolka said one of his biggest problems is children who come to see the show always seem to help the characters up on stage figure out when he's up to no good by yelling out when they spot him. Tolka, who dresses in an all-black Santa suit, usually, can't figure out how they always catch on.

He doesn't know why it happens, but he's sure this year is going to be Tolka's year.

"This year, I've got big plans for the show, don't you worry," Tolka said, then laughed like a mad man. "Santa thinks he's going to be nice again, giving out presents in the stockings of all the good boys and girls. Wouldn't it be a shame if everyone got coal this year? Oh yes, I've got a big surprise planned this year, don't you worry..."

This year's show will be "Twas The Night Before Christmas III" and begins at 2:30 in the Stamford High School Auditorium. Proceeds raised through the show go to support the Activities for Kids, Inc. organization throughout the coming year.

Tickets are available here.

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