23 Aug 2014
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Stamford Man Charged with Using Stolen Credit Cards

The man, a Stamford resident, allegedly ran up thousands of dollars in charges across multiple stores in the city.

Stamford Man Charged with Using Stolen Credit Cards

Police picked up and charged Sunday night a Stamford man with running up thousands of dollars at various stores in the city while using stolen credit cards, police announced Monday morning. 

According to police, Joshua Phillip Springer, 24, of Henry St., was allegedly stopped at the Stamford Target after making approximately $1,500 worth of purchases using cards that were not his. He was arrested standing outside the store with several of the  items he'd allegedly just purchased, police said.

Police alleged Springer used multiple cards from the same owner all over the city, including a CVS, Dunkin Donuts and gas stations.

Springer was charged with third-degree larceny, credit card theft, charging less than $500 on a revoked credit card and possession of stolen property.

Police said they have not yet recovered all the allegedly stolen goods, and a second suspect has yet to be arrested.


Stamford Arrests

Joanna Bustos, 32, of Diaz St., charged Sunday night with disorderly conduct.

Tyrone Daniels, 43, of Powell Pl., charged early Monday with third-degree assault.

Elinor Marie Delia, 45, of Morgan St., charged early Monday with two counts of violation of probation.

Isaiah James-Walker, 24, of Ardsley Rd., charged early Monday with carrying a firearm while under the influence.

Dionysia Oliviera, 50, of Edward Pl., charged Sunday morning with assault on a person over 60-years-old.

Janay Poindexter, 25, of W. Main St. in Norwalk, charged early Monday with third-degree assault.

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