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$1 Million Bond for Stabbing Suspect [Update]

Stamford Police have arrested Rayon Hines, 33, for the stabbing death of Romario Marchant, a Bronx teen believed to have been stabbed in Michael F. Lione Park.

$1 Million Bond for Stabbing Suspect [Update]

Update, July 21, 3:17 p.m.

A bond of $1 million has been set Rayon "Ryan" Hines, 33, who was arrested earlier today and charged with the murder of Bronx teen Romario Marchant, 16.

"Officers of the Stamford Police Department Major Crimes Unit conducted an exhaustive, around the clock investigation culminating in todays arrest," SPD Lieutenant Jim Matheny said in an offical press release.

The stabbing took place in , and it was the result of a dispute a soccer game that Marchant traveled to Stamford to attend, according to SPD.

"The investigation consisted of interviews with witnesses and people connected to both the victim and the suspect, forensic examination and review of surveillance tapes from around the area of the murder," Matheny said in a press release.

While most of the successful investigation was conducted by Major Crimes Unit Sergeant James Van Allen and SPD investigators David Rodriguez, Angel Gonzalez and Sean M. Boeger, the case became a collaborative effort between the SPD, the Wesport Police Department, and the Norwalk Police Department.

"Officers acting on information provided by the public and by people with knowledge of the incident stopped Hines as he travelled from Bridgeport to Norwalk at approximately 11:40 a.m.," SPD reports. "With the assistance of the Westport Police Department and the Norwalk Police Department, Hines was arrested without incident at exit 14 on I-95."

Hines will appear in Stamford's State Superior Court on August 4th.


Update, July 21, 11:35 p.m.

[Editor's Note; the suspect's age has been changed to reflect a DOB provided in an official SPD press release.]

Jamaican male Rayon Hines, 33, has been arrested by the Stamford Police Department for the stabbing of Bronx teen Romario Marchant, 16.

"He goes by the name 'Ryan'", Capt. Richard Conklin of the SPD said.

The SPD stated earlier that Marchant, himself a Jamaican male, was in Stamford for a soccer game.

Police were "pretty certain" Marchant was stabbed in , and was delivered to the hospital by a black man and black woman.

Marchant died from his wounds shortly after arriving.

Update, July 19, 3:45 p.m.

Stamford Police Department Cpt. Richard Conklin has stated the SPD have made "tremendous strides within the past 24 hours" regarding their investigation into the stabbing death of Bronx, NY's Romario Marchant, 16.

While SPD could not name suspects of the homicide, the black man and black woman that brought Marchant to the hospital after he received a fatal stab wound to the heart have been ruled out as having any involvement with the crime.

"The couple are not suspects. They transported him to the hospital, and later left," Conklin said. "They contacted us of their own volition."

SPD have not released the identities of the couple.

Conklin said that SPD investigators are now "pretty certain" that the stabbing occured at .

"Looks like he was down here for a soccer game, and then a barbecue after," Conklin said. Police were able to identify Marchant via fingerprints and a small criminal record.

"He had some minor problems, but we hear from his family and friends that he was a decent young man," Conklin said.

According to Conklin, Marchant lived in Bronx, NY, with his family, played soccer, and was part of a dance team. 


Update, July 19, 1:35 p.m.

Stamford police have released the identity of the victim, according to the Stamford Advocate.

Sixteen-year-old Romario Marchant from Bronx, NY, has been identified as the victim. He was a native of Jamaica.

At this time, police are still uncertain as to why Marchant was stabbed, or even if the stabbing took place in Michael F. Lione Park, SPD Capt. Richard Conklin told the Advocate. 


Original Story

are investigating the homicide of a teen who died at early Monday morning, according to Captain Richard Conklin.

A black male, described as being 5'8 and 140-150 lbs, came into the hospital just before 1 a.m. with a severe stab wound to the chest, Conklin told Patch. The victim died about an hour later.

Police are current working to identify the victim, who had no identification on him, Conklin said. The victim's fingerprints were taken by police and results are pending. They also have the victim's cell phone, which officers will use to process forensic evidence.

Conklin said that police later learned that the victim was accompanied by a two people — a black man and a black woman — but they "didn't stick around." The department will use footage from video cameras at the hospital to see if they can get a positive ID on the couple.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Major Crimes Unit, at 203-977-4417. All calls will be confidential.

Please check back with Stamford Patch for more updates to this story.

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