15 Sep 2014
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‘That Must Have Stunk Big Time’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

‘That Must Have Stunk Big Time’


Stop Hating Public Sector Workers

“Public workers are demonized way too much and most of it has to do with jealously. You always hear those against public employees cry that these benefits aren't available to private sector workers and that is true in a lot of cases, but not all. The main reason why private sector workers don't get these type of perks is due to the fact that they don't demand them.” -

“There's a high cost to low prices.” -

Fully Restored Classic Car Damaged by Fire

Man... that must have stunk big time. And I don’t mean stunk as in smelled bad. What a nice car it was.” – 

DeStefano: Woodin Street Fence Stays

“This meeting was a testament to how strong the voice of the people is when a community sticks together and fights for what they believe in. This meeting is a clear message to all communities, in every city, in every state, that THE PEOPLE are in charge NOT the governing officials!” – Bill Murray 

Maple Hill Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Students 

“Fantastic beginning to the school year, my hat is off to the administrators and teachers who continue the tradition. I am sorry I was not able to attend. I will definitely have my sequins ready for next year.” –

Stratford Hit-and-Run Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Leaving the scene of an accident is wrong, no matter where you are from. She did the right thing by coming forward, most hit-and-run never do and are caught out of sheer luck so at least she has that in her favor.” –

Report: Connecticut Recession Worse Than Expected

“And yet my vote against the president who put his agenda for his legacy above the needs of the unemployed will be for nothing. He takes the state by default and for granted. What a shame.” –

'Aggressive' Coyotes Close Two Weston Parks

“This is not really abnormal behavior. Coyotes are now at home here in southwestern CT, and they help to keep the deer population in check.” –  


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