15 Sep 2014
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'The Commuters Deserve to be Treated Fairly'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

'The Commuters Deserve to be Treated Fairly'


"Seriously? Show me one candidate that hasn't accepted money from Hedge Funds and Wall Street...and then I'll vote for them. NO ONE is truly out for the Middle Class...but they'll sure miss us when we're gone." —

"I just told my husband that if I have to walk 1/4 mile to the train station every day (in rain and snow and heat, etc.) I will retire before that happens. Work on fixing the structure that is there for all of us. The commuters deserve to be treated fairly." —

"That's a pretty expensive iPhone..." —

"Hopefully when the trees come down, the owners of those hideous looking buildings will renovate them. Along with the Post Office building, the store fronts along that stretch are some of the ugliest looking buildings in all of New Canaan, if not Fairfield County. They look like relics from the 50"s An absolute disgrace to the town." —

"where are all the obama loving tree-huggers????" —-

"He is lucky there were tasters...he otherwise would have gotten shot for this stunt!!" —

"So you can shoot someone for being naked in your house, but if someone tries to run you over and punches you you can't throw a cell phone at them? Is there any difference between hitting someone with a car and hitting someone with a cell phone? (Note to self -- leave the cell phone in pocket, use a car -- it's more efficient and the penalty is the same.)" —  

"Shouldn't the big story here be 'Woman trys to run over boyfriend with her car'?" —

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