Jul 28, 2014

Clad In: Where Meryl Streep Shops

Dispatches from the Stonington businesses involved in the filming of ‘Hope Springs’

Clad In: Where Meryl Streep Shops Clad In: Where Meryl Streep Shops Clad In: Where Meryl Streep Shops Clad In: Where Meryl Streep Shops Clad In: Where Meryl Streep Shops


It’s not everyday that Meryl Streep asks if you’re willing to open a store afterhours so she can shop, but that’s exactly what happened to the employees of in Stonington Borough last year.

When the cast and crew of a number of the crew were caught perusing Clad In's and 's eclectic, edgy clothing and shoes. One of those people was Streep’s dresser who later came back afterhours with Streep.

“It was exciting, she picked out a couple pieces to be part of her own wardrobe,” Jane Roderick of Clad In said.

Streep purchased several items including a coat by designer Ivan Grundahl that Roderick described as edgy, creative and architectural.

“I was amazed at how tiny she is,” Roderick said.

The store, like many Stonington businesses, offered a 10 percent off discount for all of the cast and crew, and Roderick said several people bought scarves from the store to bring home as gifts to their significant others.

“They were such nice people, they really appreciate the clothing,” Roderick said, adding everyone at Clad In was so excited to see the .

While Clad In didn’t have a role in the filming like some of the other they did stay late on the last night of filming for a scene where Streep walks up the street browsing the stores so the crew could get the lighting right. And while they were filming that the script editor stopped in during breaks and created a whole new wardrobe that Roderick than had shipped to her home in New York.

“She’d come in, put together some pieces, go back to the shooting,” Roderick said. “It was really fun.”

'Hope Springs,' starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrell debuted August 8, 2012. Partly filmed in Stonington Borough, the movie according to a press release from Mandate Pictures and the , follows a woman named Maeve (Streep) seeking to spice up her marriage. Maeve and her husband (Jones) go to the town of Great Hope Springs to meet a relationship guru (Carell) for “an intense week of marriage and sex therapy.”

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