Jul 29, 2014

Proposed Schools Policy Could Affect Some Graduating Seniors

Fees, previous suspensions, and more could prevent graduating seniors from ‘walking.’

Proposed Schools Policy Could Affect Some Graduating Seniors

In his regular email to families, Stonington High School Principal Dr. Stephen Murphy has alerted parents that a potential new policy slated to be explored at Thursday’s Board of Education meeting may affect graduating seniors.

His email reads:

This Thursday, Jan. 9 the Board of Education will be discussing a change to the policy on Graduation Participation.  The following language will be considered:

To participate in the graduation ceremony, all school properties must be returned, all outstanding fees paid, and there can be no outstanding disciplinary accountabilities. The following specific disciplinary incidents during a student’s senior year will prevent them from participating in the graduation ceremony.  

Five or more days of suspension during the second semester of the senior year.

Any vandalism of school property in excess of $500 or an act that has a significant negative public display towards the school community. A committee of school community members will involved if determining the significance of the incident. 

Any alcohol, drug, or weapons policy violations on school grounds or at school activities at any time during the senior year. 

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