Jul 28, 2014

FREE Interview Prep Call Tuesday, 10am

FREE Interview Prep Call Tuesday, 10am
Mistakes To Avoid in Your Job Search - Free support call and Q&A

A recent report showed the average number of applicants for a position in 2013 was close to 300 applicants. What will you do to stand out above your competition?

This call is guaranteed to make you think about applying for jobs a little differently and help you better position yourself against the competition.

We'll discuss social media's impact, resume filters, branding your message, cover letters and several others common pitfalls.

In a recent study with a large firm in CT, we found that 80% of the resumes never make it past the pre-screening process. We'll share those secrets with you to help you have a step up above the competition!

This call will be interactive and Employment Tutors will plan time for caller questions and participation to insure you get the most out of our call.

This FREE call is being sponsored by Employment Tutors. Please reserve your spot by emailing Info@EmploymentTutors.com or calling 860-249-7088. You will be emailed dial-in information 24 hours prior to the call. (Your email address will not be shared. This is merely to reserve your spot.)

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