20 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by annmaries_hair_on_madison
Patch Instagram photo by annmaries_hair_on_madison

Nazi Flag Flies in Stratford

Homeowner says it's in protest of President Obama. Neighbors want it removed.

Nazi Flag Flies in Stratford Nazi Flag Flies in Stratford

A Stratford man says the Nazi flag on his Connors Lane house is a political protest against President Barack Obama and he's not taking it down until the president changes policy, resigns or gets impeached.

"It's in competition with the American flag (next to it)," says Joseph Sincavage, who adds that he's not a skinhead and doesn't associate at all with neo-Nazis.

The 74-year-old Stratford man says unlike the presidents before Obama who defended the constitution, our current president has worked around it or broken it. He cites events such as the Benghazi tragedy, the controversy circling the IRS and gay marriage.

"He doesn't call terrorism by what it really is," he says.

Sincavage, a former U.S. Marine, put the flag up over the weekend. It took the place of a Confederate one. Tara Wexler, who lives around the corner, says she first saw it Wednesday.

"I was horrified," Wexler says. "Everyone (in the neighborhood) is clearly disgusted and unhappy about it."

Wexler says while she respects a person's right to freedom of speech, "showing such a horrible symbol of hate" is unacceptable.

Wexler, who is a member of the PTA at nearby Second Hill Lane, says she doesn't want her kid learning about Nazi Germany by seeing its flag in her community.

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