Jul 29, 2014

Readers' Choice: Favorite Florist in Stratford

Where do you go to buy plants and flowers and to get advice from experts? More importantly: Why is your go-to shop wonderful? Share your thoughts with your neighbors in this week's Readers' Choice contest.

Readers' Choice: Favorite Florist in Stratford Readers' Choice: Favorite Florist in Stratford

My grandfather had the greenest of "green thumbs." And this year I've vowed to see if it runs in the family so I'm making it a point to find a great place that sells plants -- whether it's all or some combination of nursery, florist or home improvement/landscaping outfit.

We're asking you, our Stratford Patch readers, to tell us where you go to make your gardens and properties beautiful.

Vote in our poll (tell us what we're missing there) and especially post your ratings and reviews of our local businesses right into our directory by clicking on a link below. That's going to help future Stratford Patch users make their own decisions on what's the best place in town, as well as help us crown our Readers' Choice winner (as per the attached rules).

Thanks, and here are our contestants:

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