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Residents Voice Support for Candidate Crudo

Joe Crudo is the Republican candidate for the Connecticut State House of Representatives 121st District. His Democratic challenger is incumbent Terry Backer.

Residents Voice Support for Candidate Crudo

By Kenneth Seckas, Stratford

I am supporting Joe Crudo for state representative in the 121st District. I have known Joe for over 20 years and during that time he has been committed and devoted to making Stratford the best it can be. His long service as a baseball coach has given hundreds of young people the skill set necessary to achieve success in life.

He has given countless hours as a volunteer, supporting local community organizations. Joe always puts the needs of others and those he has helped before any of his own. As a chief elected official he stood up for what was right and good for Stratford in spite of political pressure to the contrary. He has shown leadership and courage to tackle controversial issues when no one else would.

He was in the forefront when he led a committee to save our schools from closing and continues that fight today. As chief elected official he stood up for seniors and brought civility and respect to our local government. He exemplifies the qualities that I would want from my elected officials. I encourage the voters in the 121st to support Joe, a candidate that puts Stratford first and will be there as your voice in Hartford.


By Ed Scinto, Stratford

It is time for a change in Hartford.

With a 1.9 billion dollar tax increase and almost a billion dollars in spending last year Connecticut has sunken to the bottom of the list as one of worst states in terms of economics. The legislature ranks as the least friendly to do business with. The debt per capita is the highest in the nation and locally our unemployment rate is higher than the national average. We are losing jobs, our ability to pay and our government is growing faster than our population.

Many of my friends talk about moving to a place more affordable, where they can have a little extra to spend on their families. I am thinking about that too. But I love this town and know there is a better way. That is why I am supporting Joe Crudo for state representative in the 121st District.

His track record of lifelong service to the town and his burning desire to stop over regulating, over spending and overtaxing so we can encourage new business, sustain existing business and improve our overall quality of life are some of the reasons for my support. We have had the same one party ruling in Hartford for 20 years. If we continue to send the same people into Hartford we will continue to get the same results out of Hartford.

Joe Crudo has always had the best interest of Stratford as his number one priority and his public record both in the community and as an elected official proves that. He backs all that up by being very visible, year round in support of all of us in Stratford.

I will be voting for Joe Crudo.


By Richard Fredette, Stratford

With the election only a few days away, it is important to think about who you will vote for on November 6. I for one am voting for Joe Crudo for state representative. He has been an active advocate for Stratford for many years. His record of community service is well documented. He has knocked on 5,000 doors in this campaign with respect and kindness.

Joe knows Stratford and its citizens. Having been elected on multiple occasions to local office he has proudly represented all of its citizens standing up for them and fighting for what is in their best interest. We need Joe Crudo to represent us in Hartford. We have not been well served in Hartford. We need an advocate who not only represents us but one who is an active member in our community, sharing our thoughts and concerns and willing to stand up for us by voting for the right thing.

On November 6 remember who has been your advocate for over 40 years and vote for Joe Crudo.

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