Jul 26, 2014

Son's Show-and-Tell Gets His Mom Arrested

Item could have injured people.

Son's Show-and-Tell Gets His Mom Arrested

A Stratford Academy student’s mother is under arrest after she allowed her son to bring a “simulator hand grenade” to share with the class Friday, which led to an emergency response by police and fire crews. The grenade could have injured people within a 20-foot radius of it, police told the Connecticut Post. 

Police charged Lisa Marie Migueli, 44, of Hollister Street, with risk of injury to a minor, first-degree reckless endangerment and illegal possession of an explosive. 

Migueli told police her father had given her the grenade as a result of his military days, but told her it was a dud, the Connecticut Post reports

Maureen DiDomenico, who is the school’s principal, sent a notice sent home to parents, she wrote the grenade was removed from the building. Classrooms that were adjacent to where the grenade was were evacuated to the auditorium. 

The building was placed in “Stay Put,” which means staff and students remained in their class until they were directed it was safe to leave, the principal wrote. 

“The authorities determined that the device was one used by the Army during simulations, similar in nature to a firecracker,” DiDomenico wrote. “The device was removed from the premises by the proper authorities. Please know that the safety of our students and staff is always of the utmost importance to us.” 

The school is located at 719 Birdseye Street. 

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