Jul 29, 2014

Stratford Residents Urged to Stay Inside

'Unless it is an emergency please stay inside your home,' says the fire department.

Stratford Residents Urged to Stay Inside

Though Governor Malloy has lifted the travel ban he put into effect Monday, the Stratford Fire Department is urging residents to stay inside as the recovery and cleanup effort begins today.

"Unless it is an emergency please stay inside your home," a post on the fire department's Facebook page reads. "There are downed power lines, trees, and debris from flooding all over the state. Many streets are still unpassable due to these conditions."

The post continues, "Please do not go out of your home just to view damage. This will hamper efforts by emergency workers and public works crews. If you absolutely have to go out treat all wires as 'live' and do not drive or walk through standing water for any reason. Manholes can be displaced and debris under water can cause entanglement hazards. Stay safe!"

On Monday, facing severe weather from Hurricane Sandy, Malloy ordered a truck ban, followed by the closure of the state's highways to non-emergency vehicles.

"Use your heads when it comes to driving," Malloy said. "If a road appears impassable because of water, downed wires, fallen trees or other debris, do not attempt to drive through it."

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