Jul 28, 2014
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Donate Clothes and Shred Documents to Help Suffield PTOs

This long Columbus Day weekend could be the perfect time to get ready to pitch papers and clean out closet and help out the school parent teacher organizations as well.

Donate Clothes and Shred Documents to Help Suffield PTOs

The McAlister & Spaulding Parent Teacher Organization will hold a clothing drive at McAlister School the week of October 9 through October 19. For every pound of clothing donated the PTO receives 10 cents. Anyone can bring by bags of donations to the school 

Acceptable donations include:

Wearable and usable clothing – men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, belts and handbags, bedding, curtains and towels, stuffed animals and toys.

A&E Clothing Corp. collects all donations, weighs donations at their warehouse, sorts and ships donations to Africa, Central America, South America, India and Poland. 

Donations should be placed in tightly tied plastic bags and dropped off  at McAlister auditorium stage during the week.

The PTO is looking for volunteers to help load the truck on pick up day. Please email Traci Potter at tcpotter1@cox.net if you are able to help on pick up day.

On Saturday, October 13 from 11:00 - 2:00 the PTO will hold a Shred It Event in the parking lot of the Stevenson Lumber Building - across the street from Dunkin Donuts on Mountain Road.  According to Pam Hardy, with the PTO,  residents can bring papers to be shredded in exchange for a donation.

PROSHRED is experienced in document destruction. Simply bring any documents you would like to have shredded and the PROSHRED truck will destroy them on-site, protecting all of your confidential information. 

All the money raised supports enrichment programs at both schools and those present have the opportunity to enter a raffle.

“There will be great raffle prizes you can win from Legos, Hockey Tickets, Jewel Kade Jewelry and much more,” said Hardy.   “This is a great event to protect your personal information and still support our schools.” 

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