20 Aug 2014
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A Homecoming for Lorraine Warren

A Homecoming for Lorraine Warren
The Amityville Horror. The Conjuring. The occult museum containing a doll named "Annabelle."

The woman behind those movies and locations is Lorraine Warren of Monroe, who at 85 is still lecturing around the country on the supernatural and still investigating reports of the paranormal. 

She took a break from her hectic touring schedule Wednesday to lecture at Masuk High School in Monroe to a packed house. She noted she almost didn't make it because of illness that kept her in bed for previous three days. The talk was moved to Masuk from the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library because of the turnout.

"To be here in my hometown is really fabulous," she said. 

With Warren's son-in-law Tony Spera narrating, viewers got to see photos of what he said were spirits manifesting on film, including a particularly-clear looking image of what could be the famous White Lady of Union Cemetery in Easton.

They also showed photos taken inside the Amityville Horror house in Long Island in 1973 shortly after the Lutz family fled the home because of alleged supernatural activity.

Spera said the late George Lutz, an ex-Marine with black belt in karate, was afraid to return to the home to even pick up his custom Harley Davidson motorcycles.
He also noted that before the Lutzes moved in, Ron DeFeo Jr. shot and killed his entire family with a military rifle whose sound would have deafened an entire room. But the neighbors, who lived very close by, did not hear any shots.

In one, an image of a boy with glowing eyes, possibly the spirit of one of the children murdered in the home, peeks out from behind a doorway.

Warren said she stopped investigating the Amityville house when a spirit paralyzed her in bed and paralyzed her husband, Ed, in his office at the same time. Ed Warren also reported that a spirit tried to smother him in Amityville house, as if a "wet wool blanket" had been wrapped around him.

Warren, a clairvoyant who can see auras, and her husband, a demonologist, have compiled a resume of more than 4,000 investigations since they started probing hauntings in 1952. Ed Warren died in 2006, but it hasn't stopped Warren.

She said she's working on two cases in Monroe and one in Trumbull, but would not reveal any details.

Warren appears again Oct. 18 at Shelton High School at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door. She added that one the first lectures she gave was at Shelton High School.

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