Jul 28, 2014
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A Revamped Trumbull High School to Open on Time

Contractors are working most of the summer weeks to meet the Aug. 27 opening day.

A Revamped Trumbull High School to Open on Time A Revamped Trumbull High School to Open on Time

is on track to open on time, but it would not happen without the THS Building Committee, Schools Supt. Ralph Iassogna recently told the Board of Education.

Iassogna said he was displeased with the contractors because of problems encountered during construction, such as water leaks and faulty roofs. The owner's representative, Al Barbarotta, and the committee are keeping the contractors in line and holding them accountable for faulty materials and work, according to the superintendent.

Barbarotta cited a recent incident where rain was forecast and the town was assured the roof was sealed. But that was wrong.

"Come Monday morning, there's $25,000 worth of damage," Barbarotta said. He said stopped school custodians from cleaning up the water and ordered the contractors to fix the problem instead.

"The roofer is on notice," the building official said.

Then a dumptruck accident added further delay, on top of daily little hitches.

Despite setbacks, Barbarotta was optimistic.

"I am confident we will open school with all our academic spaces ready," Barbarotta said. He later added that, "It's construction. You just have to deal with it. Our schedule's solid." About 100 workers are on site daily.

The school's appearance is being restored to "like new" under a state program that reimburses some of the costs. It has been under renovation for several years.

There are improvements too. Asbestos has been removed and updated technology and more classroom space have been added. Heating and air conditioning should be working and will be adjustable in each classroom, unlike the old system.

A former boiler room that is being converted into classroom space will not be ready, he noted.

"It's going to be clean, safe and occupiable [on Aug. 27]. We're not going to be done with everything until the first of the year as I see it," Barbarotta said.

The current major work is paving, which is progressing with the help of the town Public Works Department.

"We have already paved the parking lot between the school and the tennis courts," Barbarotta told the board.

School Board member Lisa Labella had one concern. She said the bathrooms are too far away from the new auditorium, despite promises of closer bathrooms. The facilities need to be closer for people with limited mobility, Labella said.

Barbarotta replied that the bathroom locations comply with regulations and are centrally located between the gym and the new auditorium.

Meanwhile, a concession stand is still planned, but the old building will remain standing. It cannot be re-opened for service because it does not meet state and town health regulations, but it serve other purposes.

There are plans for a new building, but the funding is in question right now.

As construction continues, the school parking lot is closed, but it's accessible on foot with parking in neighboring .

In other schools, the following work will be done:

  • A new roof at ;
  • New windows at ;
  • A new oil tank at Hillcrest;
  • Asbestos removal at and Hillcrest.

The Hillcrest pool will closed until at least the start of school for new plumbing, lights and a ventilation system. Some work will be done after it re-opens. 

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