23 Aug 2014
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Get Your 2014 Trumbull Vehicle Stickers for Free Park Parking

A $5 fee grants residents access to free parking at Trumbull parks for the year.

Get Your 2014 Trumbull Vehicle Stickers for Free Park Parking
Trumbull Parks and Recreation is issuing 2014 vehicle stickers so residents can park at the town’s recreation areas free of charge.

“While entrance to all Trumbull Parks is free and open to the public, parking within the parks is limited to Trumbull residents only,” the Parks and Rec Commission said in a release.

Stickers will be issued to Trumbull residents who present a valid motor vehicle registration for private passenger and/or combination vehicles. Commercial vehicles are excluded from Trumbull parks by Town Ordinance.

Residents can pick up a sticker at the Recreation Department (5892 Main Street) for $5 during office hours or purchase them online for an additional $2 mailing and processing fee.

Guest and Nanny Passes are also available, at the Recreation Office only.

“It is regionally recognized that Trumbull takes great pride in maintaining a variety of outstanding parks and park facilities for its residents,” the Commission stated. “Vehicle Stickers help ensure that these parks and parks facilities are easily accessible to residents of Trumbull.”

Vehicle stickers will be issued on an annual basis and enforcement will be year-round throughout the entire parks system. Any vehicles parking on Trumbull Parks without a 2014 Vehicle Sticker shall be subject to a $25 fine.

Entrance to the Town Swimming Pools will still require the display of a driver’s license or other valid photo ID as proof of residency.

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