Jul 28, 2014

Kelly: GOP Should Stick to Issues

by Tom Kelly

Kelly: GOP Should Stick to Issues

I'm writing in response to TRTC Chairman Jack Testani's recent letter questioning Mary Beth Thornton holding a fund raiser at Testo's Restaurant in Bridgeport.

Mr. Testani says it's "unsettling" that Ms. Thornton "had to go to Bridgeport" to hold her first fundraiser. It's amazing to me that with so many important issues facing Trumbull, Mr. Testani focuses on a non-starter like where a fundraiser was held.

Indeed, some of the issues, such as a regional sewer authority, new sewer contract, and magnet school construction/land swap rely on working effectively with the City of Bridgeport. Yet Mr. Testani and the Republicans seem to throw Bridgeport under the bus at every opportunity.

It seems that Mr. Testani thinks that making reference to Bridgeport will somehow scare Trumbull voters. Also, Mr. Testani was so busy criticizing Ms. Thornton for holding a fundraiser in Bridgeport that he forgot to mention that candidate Tim Herbst held one of his political fundraisers in 2009 at St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in....you guessed it...Bridgeport.

What is really "unsettling" is that Mr. Testani seems to not recognize that he is the pot calling the kettle black. So it seems clear what the Republican strategy is for the 2011 campaign. Thus far, they have waged negative attacks against Ms. Thornton and have avoided discussing the Herbst record and issues of vital interest to the Town of Trumbull.

I don't think Trumbull voters want to hear such negativity from the Republican Party. If they are so proud of their record, why not run on it and stop the petty (and hypocritical) attacks? Let's talk about the issues, Mr. Testani.

For starters, can you tell Trumbull voters why Mr. Herbst deprived Trumbull residents of witnessing the transition of power when he chose to be sworn in at 12:01 a.m. in his parents' home? Can you tell us why he didn't give the outgoing First Selectman the courtesy of letting him know he was no longer First Selectman? Can you tell us why Mr. Herbst asked an armed police officer to escort a community leader out of a Town Council meeting in front of his children?

Can you tell us if these two examples of Mr. Herbst's decisions indicate mature decision-making? Can you tell us how and why the deal with Bridgeport regarding the magnet school that would have meant millions of dollars to Trumbull fell apart? Can you tell us where the First Selectman stands on Sewer Regionalization? Can you tell us where he stands on the relocation of the Nature Center? Can you tell us where he stands on the 173-foot cell tower that is scheduled to be built in a residential neighborhood?

These, and many more issues, are what Trumbull voters are interested in. Please stop with the nonsensical attacks on Ms. Thornton and focus on things that are meaningful to the future of Trumbull. Thank you.

Tom Kelly

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