23 Aug 2014
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Host an Exchange Student and promote cultural understanding

I'd like to to find two host families for two interesting Chinese girls that have already been accepted to St Joseph's in the coming fall! Here are their abbreviated bios. 
 Sixteen year old Sijia Lin, also called Lulu, has been a cultural exchange student in the United States before and looks forward to St Joseph’s School in Trumbull where she has been accepted to study for the 2014-15 year. She has received awards for calligraphy, painting, singing and ping-pong in which she is very competitive. Lulu plays the traditional instrument guqin and wishes to continue her eight years of  English language study. Her parents are both engineers.
Also sixteen, Hao Zhang will be entering St Joseph’s in the fall. She describes herself as optimistic, independent and a little shy. She is competitive in basketball and Frisbee and dreams of being a writer or director. She has travelled to the US before by herself so that she could tour Harvard University! Hao Zhang, also called Holly,  had marks above the 90th percentile in all classes last year. 
In saying "Yes, I will host." you will earn a stipend of 850.00 per month to help with the expenses of caring for a foreign student.
To help you make a confident decision about hosting I include this link to our PSE site  Private School Exchange (PSE) - About Us. Any one over 26 that can provide a warm caring home, bed and place to study for the student, three meals a day and transportation as needed can become a host. You are not required to have a teen in the home. You need only have a desire to share your world with a student from another culture! I am here to help you with all the details; how to fill out the application on line to connecting you with other host parents and with your student! Private School Exchange (PSE) - About UsEnriching Your Educational Experience Private & Public School F-1 Exchange (PSE) is a program committed to helping promote international under... View on www.pse-edu.orgPreview by Yahoo 
If you or someone you know can host either of these wonderful young ladies in the Trumbull area please, contact me, Local Coordinator for PSE, a private school cultural exchange organization, at kabarlow510@yahoo.com or 860-354-9275. I will be glad to make convenient and respectful follow-up and return calls. Imagine how excited these students are to come, study and share the culture of China with your family! Thank you, Kathy Barlow

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