Jul 29, 2014
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'Robo-Rhapsody': Construction in Trumbull

Another poetic letter from a Trumbull resident.

'Robo-Rhapsody': Construction in Trumbull

How many thousands of dollars,

For First SelectmanTim to call and say . . .

"If the roads are being paved,

You'd better go the other way!"


Clearly he thinks,

we haven't a clue . . .

Of what direction to take,

When the sign says:

  "Road Repair - Don't Drive Through!"


I'm more than insulted,

I'm doggone irate . . .

That this latest money-wasting gimmick,

Should even be on his plate!


If he feels compelled,

to let us know,

A press release and email,

Could tell us all - where to go . . .


I ask myself,

As I hang-up on him . . .

"How'd I drive for decades,

Without a call from Tim??!!"

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