Jul 30, 2014

The Circus Headlines at Westfield Trumbull Mall

Tigers, elephants and trapeze artists made their way to the mall Independence Day weekend, following Trumbull Day a week before that.

Among the barbecues and fireworks Independence Day weekend was another attraction at the as the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars rolled into town for three days of family-filled fun.

The Cole Bros. Circus is a traveling circus based out of Florida which works around the country throughout the spring, summer and fall to perform for "children of all ages."

Two Circus Elephants, a group of Royal Bengal tigers, camels, llamas, cartoon poodles, horses, trapeze artists and a plethora of fun-faced clowns paraded under the Big Top this weekend.

Natasha Fraise, a mother of three from Bridgeport, has been to the circus before, but was excited to spend her 4th of July watching the animals perform again.

"I've been to plenty of circuses throughout my life and I've always loved them, so I wanted to bring the girls for the first time today," she said.

With cotton candy in hand, Fraise just got to her seat after riding the elephant with her youngest daughter, Michelle.

Before the show began, parents were given the opportunity to let their children ride atop the show camel or elephant for pictures.

It was time for the show to begin once workers brought out the tigers and lined up their cages in an entry to the ring.

The crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed as two trainers inside of the steel cage gave instructions to the main feline attractions to roll over, stand on their hind legs, jump through Hula Hoops and even hug their master.

Ringmaster Chris Connors introduced each new act to the crowd as they waited in anticipation for a new animal or speciality artist take to the spotlight.

Dirtbikes also roared around hollow metal balls without mishap and a the human cannonball was shot out at 65 mph to land in a net. Trapeze artists swung high above the crowd with nets below them.

The Cole Bros. Circus will continue its traveling show Monticello, N.Y. For more information on the circus' history, stars and schedule visit colebroscircus.com

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