Jul 25, 2014

Tim Herbst on Mark IV termination decision

by Tim Herbst

Tim Herbst on Mark IV termination decision

I support the action taken by the Trumbull WPCA to terminate the Town’s contract with Mark IV Construction.  For the last three years, the people of Nichols have been living with a never ending construction nightmare and the time has come to bring this nightmare to an end.  The current impasse is the direct result of Mark IV’s failure to complete the construction of sanitary sewers as designed, bid and contracted.  Most recently, the residents of the Dogwood Pond area have had their neighborhood ripped up and equipment and materials literally left on their front lawns, with no construction occurring.

The taxpayers of Trumbull should not be treated or disrespected in such an inconsiderate manner.  The actions taken by the WPCA last evening will ensure that the Town of Trumbull can get this project completed and most importantly, get the roads paved.   While this project was started before I took office, my administration is committed to seeing this project completed while ensuring that the construction methods utilized by the contractor are unblemished and free of defects.  

The Town of Trumbull is currently in litigation regarding over 600 defects in the Jog Hill section of Town, with a lawsuit that seeks $9 million in damages.  We do not need a repeat of the mess that occurred 4 years ago, and that is why we are at a critical juncture.  We need to protect the Town of Trumbull’s infrastructure, finances and most importantly, the residents who have endured this tribulation for far too long.”

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