Jul 30, 2014

Autistic 4-Year-Old from Trumbull Needs Help

His mother has taken him to an out-of-state hospital for treatment and cannot work right now.

Autistic 4-Year-Old from Trumbull Needs Help
Four-year-old Trumbull resident Jamison O'Meara, is autistic and has seizures, among other problems.

There is a way you can help him.

A fundraiser was held Friday by his teacher at A-1 Fitness Center, 220 Indian River Road in Orange. The class fee, which will benefit Jamison's family, was $20.

Event details can be found here. You can also donate here.

"Jamison O'Meara is a 4 year old boy who has been diagnosed with autism and crippling seizures. His condition continues to decline and the financial burden is causing a huge strain for his family. The O'meara's will not give up on trying to help their son but they need our help," according to a Facebook post.

"Jamison suffers from crippling seizures, cannot sleep without medication, struggles daily to regain motor skills and speech and is also dealing with SIB, which is self injuring behavior, just to name a few. Jamison has a loving and hard working family that dedicates their lives to helping him, including Jada, his 12-year-old-sister.

"Jamison’s parents have recently been given the opportunity to admit Jamison into an out of state children's hospital with the hopes of finally finding the right medication to relieve some of these symptoms. His mother, Joy, will not be able to work during this time and the financial burden will be significant. They need our help," according to a supporter on Facebook.

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