Jul 28, 2014
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Trumbull Political Ode: 'A Poem on GOP Gerrymandering'

Trumbull's new districts took effect during the August primary.

Trumbull Political Ode: 'A Poem on GOP Gerrymandering'


                    A Poem on GOP Gerrymandering"




                                  Carol Hudak


                         Gerry is meandering,

                         all throughout the town . . .

                         Looking for his voting place,

                         Up each street and down.


                         "Someone please tell me,

                          where do I vote?"

                          Alas - the secret's hidden -

                          Behind the Town Hall moat.


                          "Shouldn't they send each of us,

                          a special reminder or two?

                          Maybe even 3 or 4 . . .

                          Votings kind-of-an important

                           thing to do."


                          Gerry huffed and he puffed,

                          as he trudged up Churchill Rd. . . .

                          "This really isn't funny,

                           I'm 88 years old!"


                           "Why, oh, why,

                           has my voting booth been changed?

                           It's been in the same place for decades,

                           Why was it suddenly re-arranged?"


                          Gerry mused, as he meandered,

                          about the state of things in town . . .

                          The conclusions he arrived at,

                           made him seriously frown . . .


                          "The GOP Town Council

                            should shoulder all the blame . . .

                            For playing power politics,

                            They're in the Hall of Shame!"


                            And like don Quixote,

                            Gerry's still on a quest . . .

                            To find his gerrymandered voting place,

                            Before his final rest.



                            One could hear Gerry call,

                            As he meandered out of sight . . .

                            "WHERE  DO  I  VOTE???????

                            Tell me, please, before 8pm, on voting night!!"

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