Jul 28, 2014

Trumbull Town Councilwoman Mark Says She'll Join Dems

She has been a republican since 2005. The Democratic Convention is July 25 at Tashua Knolls at 7 p.m.

Trumbull Town Councilwoman Mark Says She'll Join Dems

Town Council Martha Jankovic-Mark is leaving the republican party and supporting Mary Beth Thornton, the democratic candidate for first selectman.

The fifth-district councilwoman announced her intention Tuesday morning in a press release. She was unaffiliated prior to being elected to the council as a republican in 2005, according to the registrar's office.

She joins Board of Education chairman Ted Lovely, who left the republican party recently to become an independent. Board of Education member Tom Kelly left the GOP but returned.

Mark opened her statement quoting retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: "Each of us brings to our job, whatever it is, our lifetime of experience and our values."

"My political philosophy has been one of fiscal responsibility and 'smart spending' of our tax dollars. I personally like to get the most for my money, and have done my best to do the same for my constituents’ tax revenue, keeping in mind both short and long term planning when I discuss issues, make decisions and vote. I also have been cognizant of my constituents’ health and well-being and have supported proper athletic facilities, including park, tennis court and pool maintenance and renovation, not supported the placement of cell towers where people work, live or spend a great deal of time, and have voted properly on issues in those areas which make Trumbull such a highly desirable place in which to live. I am proud of my votes and stand behind them," Mark said.

"Lately I have felt out of alignment on issues with our local Republican party, which should embrace independent thinking and untrampled liberty. That is why I am leaving the Republican Party to join the Democratic Party where I hope to continue to use my talents to represent my constituents in accordance with my same political philosophy of fiscal responsibility and fairness," she continued.

Mark also praised Thornton.

"She and I share a belief in making fiscally and morally responsible decisions for Trumbull. Mary Beth Thornton is an intelligent woman and a superb leader who listens to her constituents and fellow politicians. I am convinced that she will do the best job as First Selectman," she said.

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