Jul 26, 2014

After 24 Years, Waterford Business Still Stays 'A Cut Above'

Getting to know Paula and Glenn Peltier, the Waterford natives behind this thriving hair salon.

After 24 Years, Waterford Business Still Stays 'A Cut Above'
Innovation has been an important key to Paula and Glenn Peltier's success at their Waterford business, A Cut Above Hair Design, but at its heart, it's still all about making people happy with their new look.

The Peltier's have operated the business for 24 years and counting. Patch caught up with them to learn a little bit more about A Cut Above and them, the people behind the local business. Here's what they had to say:

Why did you decide to open a business in town?

We have relocated our salon 3 times. Each time to another location in the same plaza! We have recently celebrated our 24th year in business! Glenn & I are both from Waterford and have raised our family here also. It is a close knit town that is always there for each other.

What's the most difficult moment or challenge you've faced as a business owner?

Some of the biggest challenges for us is the state of CT. Utilities, workman's compensation, and business regulation costs.

Were there any challenges that made you second guess your decision to be an entrepreneur?

Having a family and a business with 10 employees has always been a challenge. but I wouldn't change one thing!

What's been your favorite moment or proudest achievement since opening?

24 years in business is a great achievement! This is a tough, competitive business. Favorite moments keep changing with every new client that walks out happy with their new look.

What's the most innovative idea your employees or customers have had that you put into practice?

We were one of the first salons in the area to use a machine called a Rollerball. This processes a color quicker than sitting for 45 minutes. We are a fully  computerized salon. We have online booking which has been a great success.

How do you deal with difficult customers?

We don't have many! But the best way to deal with difficult clients is to listen and smile.

How does your business give back or get involved in the community?

Being a part of the community has always been a big part of who we are. We donate to local school functions and to The Waterford Library. We have worked with The Cactus Jack Foundation and The Kelsey Harrington Foundation, which is very close to my heart.

Business Basics
  • Business Name: A Cut Above Hair Design
  • Business Owners: Paula & Glenn Peltier
  • Business Address: 131 Boston Post Road, Waterford
  • Contact Info: 860-303-8835, Paula@acutabovehair.com
  • Website:  www.acutabovehair.com

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