Jul 29, 2014
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Despite Mandate, Few Evacuating Waterford

Many in low-laying areas are staying in their homes despite a call for mandatory evacuations.

Sunday, First Selectman Dan Steward called for mandatory evacuations for people who live in the lowest-lying areas in town – particularly people who live in Millstone Point and Ridgewood Park.

Despite that call, many are staying put. Patch drove through some of Waterford’s lowest-lying areas this morning, and few residents were willing to evacuate their homes.

One man on Niantic River Road whose front yard was mostly underwater already said he would wait out the storm inside his house. The same held true for another man who lives near the shoreline at Millstone Point, saying he had a generator, food and, of course, alcohol.

However, many in the area were taking precautions. The docks at Millstone Point were all pulled in, stacked and then heavy weights were put on top of them. At Mago Point, which is already flooded, most of the people have taken their boats out of the water.

Steward asked all people living in vulnerable areas to evacuate their homes by noon today, as he said it would be likely that during the storm emergency personnel would not be able to reach them. There is a regional shelter at East Lyme Middle School open to all Waterford residents and their pets.

Steward said the town will give people rides to the regional shelter at East Lyme Middle School at 31 Society Road if they need it by noon today. To get a ride or to find out if you should evacuate, call 860-442-9585.

Storm Update

The state boat launch at Mago Point is already mostly underwater. Also, there are parts of Niantic River Road that have been flooded, and motorists should not try to drive through the water on the road.

The beach at Millstone Point has been overtaken by water and waves are crashing against the storm wall.

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