22 Aug 2014
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‘He is the Worst Case I’ve Ever Seen’

A Waterford woman does her best to help a brutally neglected dog, Chance.

‘He is the Worst Case I’ve Ever Seen’

Sunday night, Waterford's Tiffany Fogg-Jones ran into “the worst case (she's) ever seen.”

Fogg-Jones, who is part of the rescue group Rotta Love Pits, an organization that helps rescue pit bulls and other dogs, got a call Sunday about a badly-neglected dog named Chance. Chance’s four-month-old body had so much mange on it, most of his skin was red.

“He looked like he was burnt,” she said.

Fogg-Jones, through “somebody who knows the owner,” got the animal Sunday night and took him to Pieper Memorial Animal Hospital in Middletown. He has since been moved to Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Berlin, where he is being treated for a severe case of mange.

The owner has signed over the rights to Rotta Love Pits. Details of what Southeastern Connecticut town Chance came from, the owner’s name and the owner’s relationship with the person who called Fogg-Jones, among others, were not released by Fogg-Jones per request of an animal control officer, who is investigating the incident.

“I’m hoping this article helps people understand the rescue world a little bit,” she said. “Because it is not easy. This is what we see. It is really difficult to see this and have people understand how important it is to take care of their animals. If you can’t take care of your animals, don’t get them.”

The Story

Sunday night, Fogg-Jones got a phone call from a person telling her about Chance. She went to pick him up, where the owner agreed to give up the dog to Rotta Love Pits.

Fogg-Jones took Chance to Pieper Memorial Animal Hospital for the night, and then moved him to Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital on Monday. Along with his severe mange, his legs are so badly swollen he can hardly walk and he needs to be hand-fed.

Chance will take six months to a year to be healed, and during that time he will be fostered by a veterinarian tech, Fogg-Jones said. Then, he will be up for adoption.

Fogg-Jones and eight other people started Rotta Love Pits eight months ago to help the animals they love, she said. She says she volunteers her time to rescue animals because she cares.

“I have a heart,” she said, when asked why she does it. “I’m their voice, they don’t have a voice.”

Fogg-Jones raised $1,000 in four hours Sunday night through Facebook for Chance, but his care will cost more than that. To donate money for Chance’s recovery, contact Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital at (860) 438-7597.

To learn more about Rotta Love Pits, click here to see their website.

Editor's Note: The article original stated that a veterinarian tech from Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital is fostering the dog. A veterinarian tech will be fostering the dog, but not one from Compassionate Care.

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