Jul 29, 2014

Let me give YOU leverage! Perks of using a broker over a bank...

Let me give YOU leverage! Perks of using a broker over a bank...

Brokers vs. Banks... Who is the question?

Take this into account....

You go to the mall looking for a new pair of shoes, you go from store to store all day trying to find the perfect fit but you just aren't getting approval... Same is going from bank to bank because you just cant get approved! Going to a broker is much easier and takes the weight off your shoulders as WE find the best product for YOU!!

Let me tell you why...

Deciding whether to use a mortgage broker or a bank to finance your mortgage can be a tough and confusing decision. It is a common misconception that it costs more to use a broker to finance your mortgage. In reality, brokers are able to originate loans at wholesale rates, and are paid by the lenders, not by you!


What's a Mortgage Broker? A mortgage broker is the middleman between the lender and the borrower. Unlike banks, brokers have the ability to shop around to a number of different lenders to get you the best rate, greater variety of product and ultimately more aggressive and broader range of underwriting guidelines.


Advantages of a Mortgage Broker:

  • Brokers specialize in mortgages: Banks do not specialize solely in mortgages. Using a broker provides you with a higher level of service and expertise in life's largest financial decision.


  • Brokers have variety: They work with wholesale lenders that have different guidelines and appetite for less than perfect credit, and allow for higher debt ratios  ...which in turn, gives the client the best opportunity for approval.


Brokers act as a liaison: Between the lender, the attorney, and the real estate agent ...streamlining the process and your transaction. There are hundreds of variables that can affect the outcome of the mortgage process, which is why you need a tenacious broker to handle the details.

So now ask yourself...
What will be the smartest move as you continue your home buying experience? Broker or Bank you choose...

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