Jul 28, 2014
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Making Sense Of A Tragic Week

A Look At That Week That Was

Making Sense Of A Tragic Week

What can be written about this week.

On Friday morning, we ran a piece on , and a graduate unexpectedly dying in the last seven days.

And then later that day, a 1,000-pound stone slab on Industrial Drive, a man brandishing a gun and then a 1972 Waterford High School

On Thursday, Patch called Waterford High School Principal Don Macrino. In an of indication of what kind of week it was, Patch called Macrino for comment on the death of 20-year-old Waterford graduate Stirling Danskin, and caught him while he was leaving the funeral of 16-year-old Waterford High School student

We asked Macrino if there was anything to take away from all this tragedy. While his answer wasn’t poetry, more plainspoken than that, it put some perspective in a terrible week.

“Yesterday’s gone and you don’t have tomorrow; you have to make the best of the moment,” he said. “But I guess that is for everything in life.”  

Also, Patch looked at all the comments on of Danskin’s passing. And there was more than 30 at last check, all positive, all encouraging, all from members of the community saying they would be there for the Danskin family, and it made you realize Waterford was a pretty nice place.

“Our condolences to the Danskin family,” wrote Linda Snyder, who lost her daughter, , on the story. “You are in our thoughts and prayers. I'm sure Sam (Sterenchock) was there to greet Stirling (Danskin) at heaven's gates with a big hug! I am here if you need to talk.”

But alas, there was other news this week. Video cameras seemed to dominate some of the news, with Patch taking , and police discussed how they were to increase surveillance. There was business news too, with one business asking , and we wrote about all the . There was also a story that could increase electric rates for all Connecticut residents.

And in the story that drew the most attention, aside from all the tragic ones, First Selectman Dan Steward said , even if the ad hoc animal shelter facility study committee managed to raise $100,000. The committee thought if it raised that amount, a new shelter would be built.

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