Jul 30, 2014

Waterford Police Warn Residents About Phone Scam

Waterford Police Warn Residents About Phone Scam
The Wateford Police Department posted the following message on its Facebook page:

Several residents have reported getting phone calls from a subject with a middle eastern accent stating they are with the investigative division of the treasury department.

The subject, who is difficult to understand, leaves a call back number of 323-498-3324, which is a telephone number listed in Los Angeles, Calif. Another telephone number used by these subjects is 202-506-8934, listed in Maryland area.

We called back the L.A. number, and the voice-mail message stated to leave a message for a subject named Robert Mathews in a middle eastern accent.

We called the Maryland number today and it was a magic jack telephone number, that had not been assigned to anyone.

Should you receive a call like this or any other asking for money, personal information or any type of banking information please stop and check into the caller and the company. These types of scams are becoming very common and many people do, in fact, fall victim to them.

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