Jul 29, 2014

Dog Foods Recalled For Salmonella

14 people in 9 states — including 1 in Connecticut — made ill by contact with various Diamond products.

Dog Foods Recalled For Salmonella

Diamond Pet Foods is expanding a recall of several brands of dry pet food that have been linked to a multi-state Salmonella outbreak, according to the CDC.

A  dog breeder in Granby said she just returned an open bag of Taste of the Wild dog food to Tractor Supply in Southwick, MA, but was worried that the recall information was getting out too slowly.

"People and dogs are getting pretty sick," said Tracy Cavaciuti, who breeds French bulldogs and has six dogs of her own. "It's scary that I just found out yesterday, and I'm a dog breeder."

Cavaciuti said she had a friend in New Hampshire with three sick dogs who was told to throw out the dogs' food dishes without touching them. She said she hopes the dog food company will determine soon whether the contamination came from the dog food plant or from a meat supplier to that plant.

According to the company’s website, “Diamond Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled some brands of dry dog and cat food that it manufactured in its Gaston, S.C., facility between Dec. 9, 2011, and April 7, 2012, due to potential Salmonella contamination. The brands that were recalled on May 4 have not tested positive for Salmonella.  The company is recalling certain batches of these brands, however, as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and their pets. Consumers should check this website for the production codes and best-before dates on the bags of recalled food, and discontinue feeding it. To learn whether or not the brand of dog or cat food you use is included in the recall, please select it from the list below.”

The CDC website says:

  • A total of 14 individuals infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Infantis have been reported from 9 states.
  • The number of ill persons identified in each state is as follows: Alabama (1), Connecticut (1), Michigan (1), Missouri (3), North Carolina (3), New Jersey (1), Ohio (2), Pennsylvania (1), and Virginia (1).
  • Among the 9 patients with available information, 5 (56%) were hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.
  • Multiple brands of dry pet food produced by Diamond Pet Foods at a single manufacturing facility in South Carolina have been linked to some of the human Salmonella infections.
  • Consumers should check their homes for recalled dog food products and discard them promptly. People who think they might have become ill after contact with dry pet food or with an animal that has eaten dry pet food should consult their health care providers.

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