Jul 29, 2014
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West Hartford's "Flocking" Season is Underway

West Hartford's "Flocking" Season is Underway

It is that time of year when West Hartford residents witness the transformation of neighboring lawns and gardens into open-air aviaries, as flocks of pink flamingos descend upon the community.  The arrival of these passive, long-legged creatures reminds us that it is ”flocking” season and that high school graduation is just around the corner.


These flamingo flocks are one of the many ways parents from Hall High School are helping to finance the all-night party that follows graduation.  This party, commonly referred to as The Safe Grad Party, provides graduating seniors with a way to celebrate their milestone event, in an environment that is safe and substance-free.


The premise behind flocking is simple: students, families and friends of graduating seniors can purchase one or more “flockings” of plastic flamingos for graduating seniors who they want to honor.  Members of the party planning committee then go to the designated flocking sites and temporarily plant flamingos across lawns and gardens of the honorees.


To participate in Hall High School’s flocking fundraiser contact committee members via e-mail at flamingos2014grad@comcast.net

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