Jul 29, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Missing Mayor Slifka's Calls

Many looked forward to the daily phone calls, and miss them now that the state of emergency has ended.

Letter to the Editor: Missing Mayor Slifka's Calls

The buzz around the beauty shops and checkout lines at Shop Rite and other markets by the desperate housewives of West Hartford is that Mayor Slifka is not calling any more.

During the dark and dismal days of the torment of Alfred, a hero emerged with soothing and reassuring messages directed to women locked in the misery of the powerless days. The phone would ring and a positive tone was delivering words of comfort to help these women through the ordeal.

When the storm was over the Pavlov effect had set in, but no relief was forthcoming. Anxiously, woman waited by the phone hoping that "he" would call one more time – some with recorders in hand in case another storm brewed its fury in the unknown future. They wanted to be ready to feel the power and comfort of his messages.

Will that masked man return, will we be be saved by his electronic message? Only The Shadow knows.

Richard Patrissi

West Hartford

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